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Beauty Review: Milky Foot

Review: Milky Foot

by Jane Willis
Milky Foot

RRP: $29.95

There are a variety of ways of getting rid of hard, dead skin on our feet - heels especially.  And if there's an easy option, I think we've discovered it!

Now this review really should have been presented to you at the beginning of summer, rather than at the end. But there is a reason for this, which will be explained shortly.

One night two weeks ago I finally made use of a pair of Milky Foot which had been very kindly sent to Flourish a long time ago. 

milky_foot_box.gifThe box of Milky Foot has travelled far and wide with me - from Perth to Binningup to Singapore to Tasmania.  If I'd been clever I'd have taken photos of the box at various landmarks like gnomes that get 'gnomenapped' to display here.

The reason, as mentioned above, that this review is now and not before, is because Milky Foot needs you to commit to staying still for ONE HOUR. 

This is easy enough if you're on a private jet, at a beauty salon or hairdressers, at the movies or living a life of leisure.  But throw in kids - including a toddler, work, husband, life, friends and home (not necessarily in that order), including a lack of prioritising the treatment (eg: thinking about Milky Foot at the end of watching a DVD at home on the couch), the 60 minutes needed for Milky Foot to do their thing remained elusive until a fortnight ago, instead of back in November.

The Milky Foot treatment is very easy to use - simply cut open the two pouches and slide in your freshly washed and dried feet like putting on slippers and wait an hour before rinsing them off in warm water and pat dry. 

That's it. 

milkyfoot1.JPG       milkyfoot 5.JPG

So...did it work?

I, and my feet, are very pleased to be able to give you a definite "YES"!

After a couple of days my feet looked aged - wrinkled a bit like when you've been in the bath, but dry.

Then another couple of days later, the skin started to peel off in small sections, and once you realise it's peeling, it's hard to not peel it all off - a bit like sunburn when you were a kid (gross I know).  The instructions suggest not to force the peeling and to soak the feet in warm water to assist.

This is my left foot below: 

milkyfoot 4.JPG           milkyfoot2.JPG

The success of the treatment hit me when I was in a shower and thought I was stepping on soap in my instep, and when I checked saw that the whole underside of my left foot had a layer of skin with water in it, like a massive blister but without any pain at all.  Quite incredible, and almost reptilian.

Milky Foot's unique active ingredient ExMilac works by using enzymes that help break down the hardened protein in dry, scaly skin along with additional exfoliating agents.

After the fact I realised that I should have worn normal socks over the feet pouches but I don't think it made much difference to the results.  It would be advisable to do the Milky Foot at least a month in advance of a special event to make sure that your feet are totally dead skin free.

This product would be suitable for anyone wanting smoother feet. I've had a 75 year old man and a 22 year old girl both express amazement and wanting to find out more.  Milky Foot is not recommended for pregnant women, diabetics or children under three years (though I really couldn't imagine why a child would need the product).

Milky Foot is sold at pharmacies nationally at a RRP of $29.95 and can also be purchased online.

For stockists visit here or call 1300 790 978.

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Comments (3)

Said this on 31-1-2011 At 11:09 am
I have tried everything - the greasy Heel Balm, the pumice stone, the grater - and nothing has ever worked properly. So I am super excited about trying this product. I kind of like the idea of shedding my summer skin and starting afresh. Strappy sandals here I come!
Said this on 27-3-2011 At 03:07 pm
I guess you'd have to do this in winter though - shedding skin for a month surely means you can't wear sandals, go to the beach etc? I'm waiting to use mine at an appropriate time so that I don't look like a reptile in public!
Said this on 28-3-2011 At 07:33 am
Milky foot definitely does what it says it will do! It only took 3 days for my feet to start to see the effects, HOWEVER, i wish i'd have known that my feet would become crazy itchy for the majority or the 2-3 weeks that it takes! and another thing that i didn't expect was the ammount of skin that would peel off and get all over my carpet! : ) so aside from the itching like crazy and the skin on the floor, i have to say that my feet now look pretty amazing and fresh once again!
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