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Christmas Card Craft

Published : December 18, 2015

It’s so lovely to receive a personally made Christmas Card - they really stand out from the mass-produced bulk purchase cards and an ecard lost in an inbox.

Why not spend an afternoon creating Christmas Cards with love for your friends and family? Take some time out, perhaps get some girlfriends over and make it an opportunity to catch up, and get inspired!

Tess from Paper Fusion has designed these cards which are simple to make, don’t need a lot of tools and look absolutely gorgeous.

Beautiful papers make beautiful cards


A4 sheet for card, three coordinating patterned papers, double sided tape

How to

Start with an A4 sheet of base card and cut in half to make A5 (14.8 x 21 cm). Score each A5 sheet in the middle (10.5cm) with a bone scorer or stylus to create the centre crease and fold in half to form two cards.

Christmas Tree 

  • Using patterned papers, cut strips 1.5cm wide in each pattern in graduating lengths of 1cm for the first pattern, 2cm for the second pattern, 3cm for the third pattern then back to 4cm for the first pattern and so on until you have seven pieces. Cut one extra piece for the trunk 2cm.
  • Position strips in the middle of your card, starting with the smallest piece at the top leaving a small gap between each one.  A centre-it ruler (available at Paper Fusion) is helpful but not essential for this card.
  • Using double sided tape adhere strips to the card to form your tree then place the last 2cm strip horizontally to form the trunk.
  • Repeat for the other card.


Three Trees 
  1. Cut three triangles of varying sizes in width and height from the patterned papers for the trees and cut a combination of squares and rectangles for the tree trunks.
  2. Place triangles on your card slightly overlapping at the base of each other to create depth.  Mix and match trunks to trees leaving a space between the tree and trunk  which enhances the dimensional effect.
  3. Using double sided tape on the edges of your trees and trunks adhere to card.

Optional - Using your sewing machine and co-ordinating thread stitch down the centre of the trunks and trees


Christmas at Paper Fusion

Every year Paper Fusion decks the store from floor the ceiling with beautiful christmas decor to delight and inspire. They offer everything from gorgeous chrissy cards, garlands in every shape, colour and form, cute gift tags, snow flake paper fans and much more.

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