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Inspiration for Summer

Published : January 23, 2016

Summer brings the knowledge that the year is about to end and a new one begin. The pace of life speeds up to conquer ‘end of year’ lists as well as increased social commitments, annual festivities and customs. The New Year begins with new hopes and dreams, while a holiday feel is brought to every day, even in the workplace.

by: Pamela Weatherill

Here are some ways you can have an inspired Summer:

  • Make the most of long summer evenings.  Go on evening walks.  Take your dinner to your local park for an instant picnic.  Sit outside for your evening activities.  Watch movies at an outdoor cinema or play tennis at a well lit court.  Summer isn’t just about sun drenched activities, warm evenings also bring opportunity.
  • Create an outdoor breakfast area in your garden, patio or balcony.  Flick through home and garden magazines for ideas on how to spruce up a small outdoor space that will make starting your day, every day this summer, a really inspired one.  Start a new habit this summer to dine alfresco for leisurely holiday breakfasts or healthy work day beginnings.
  • Try summer school.  If you’ve been too busy to go to night classes during the year, grab a friend and learn something new this summer.  Enrol in summer break classes and start a new interest that will take you through the whole of your new year.  Whether it is cooking classes or home renovation lessons from your local shopping centre or computing at a more formal summer school – enjoy learning for learning’s sake.
  • Is there someone you are missing?  A friend you have awkwardly lost touch with?  A relative who has moved overseas that you haven’t rung for a long time?  Use your summer break to mend the communication gap – you will both be happy you did.  Book a long phone call with an interstate friend and then each grab a glass of wine and some nibbles as if you were together for the evening.  Write a long newsy email and attach some photos of the year that was.  Have some fun playing detective and finding that old friend you think might still be in town.
  • Make a date with yourself.  Summer can get crazy with the all the extra commitments, emotional family events and pressuring yourself to have New Year resolutions.  Book some time for you.  Plan something special that you enjoy doing, and commit to it.  Spend some time, money and energy taking yourself on a date, buying yourself the perfect present and pampering yourself like only you know how.  You deserve it.

Summer brings both the activities of the ending year and the holiday feeling to sunny weekends and time away from normal routines. 

Allow summer to bring you joy, and encourage new beginnings.

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