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Knit a Pup Cosy

Published : June 08, 2015

Keeping your puppy warm on an early morning walk or when the weather begins to cool can be made easy with a Pup Cosy. Cute!

Choose your own colours to suit your puppy - makes a great gift too. Specially designed by accomplished knitter Anne Willis for the readers of Flourish, enjoy working on this project.

by : Anne Willis 


1 ball of 50 gr 12 ply wool or acrylic yarn, or acrylic yarn, or
Remnants of 12 ply wool or acrylic to make striped pattern
5 mm needles
Press stud


15 sts = 10 cm over ribbed pattern


Large, medium and small pups

  • Cast on 58 (50, 42) sts and work in pattern as follows:    
  • 1st row : knit
  • 2nd row : Purl 2, knit 2, to last 2 sts, purl 2
  • Repeat these two rows until work measures 43 (36, 24) cms, or length desired.
  • Next row : work 12 (12, 10) sts, cast off 34 (26, 22) sts, work 12 (12,10) sts.
  • Fold work in half and holding both needles together graft sts together, or with a 3rd needle knit sts together sticking in
  • front and back st, slide off, repeat and pull first st over second, repeat to end.
  • About two thirds from front band, pick up 5 sts from side edge and work about 15 (12, 8) cm in garter stitch (knit all rows), forming a belly band, cast off.
  • Sew press stud to end of belly band and opposite side edge.

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