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The Difference between Papaw and Papaya

Published : November 08, 2015

Want to know the difference between Papaw and Papaya?
Papaya v Papaw

Papayas and papaws are an exotic, tropical fruit with a juicy, sweet flavour. 

Papaws have distinct yellow flesh and tend to be a larger fruit.  Papaya, however, have orange to red flesh and are usually a smaller oval or pear shaped fruit.

Both papaya and papaw are harvested all year round, with production peaks during autumn and spring.  

Papayas and papaws can be ripened at room temperature and are ready to eat once they are yellow and slightly soft to touch.  They can be stored in the fridge for a few days once ripe.   Once cut, cover your papaw or papaya with plastic wrap to keep fresh.

In summary:

Papaw - yellow flesh, larger, longer/elongated shape

Papaya - orange/redish flesh, smaller, oval or pear shaped

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