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Theo & Co.: The Search for the Perfect Pizza

Published : August 27, 2015

A delicious selection of pizzas with hints and tips. By Theo Kalogeracos


Published by UWA Press.

RRP: $49.95  Available at www.uwapress.uwa.edu.au or from all good bookstores.


The impeccable word-of-mouth reputation of Theo Kalogeracos’ Little Caesars pizza restaurant in the Mundaring hills prompted my friends and I to hold a ‘Pizza Party’ using Theo’s book Theo & Co: The Search for the Perfect Pizza. 

We trawled through the book, examining the fantastic photographs of delicious-looking savoury and sweet pizzas, and getting distracted by the stories of Theo’s rise to success.  Eventually, we settled on the interestingly delicious Pearsciutto, White Rocks Roast, and the group favourite, Chicken Satay. 

The Smoked Salmon PIzza was another popular choice.

Interspersed with anecdotes and mouth-watering photographs, Theo & Co. makes for a wonderfully inspiring source of entertainment.  

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