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Tips for Mature Age Make-Up

Published : June 23, 2016

Maturity is honourable and should be worn with pride. A mature face has much character and by simple and clever application of make-up can enhance and retain its beauty.

by: Julia Cattalini


It may come as a surprise to know that the eyebrows are one of the most ageing features of the face because they either become unruly or begin to disappear.

To ensure that the eyebrows enhance your eyes and are the correct shape, line a pencil from the corner of your mouth along the side of your nose past the inside of you eye to your brow line – this is where the eyebrow should begin.  Remove any hairs that are between this point and the centre of your brow.

To check the length of your brow, angle the pencil from the corner of your mouth to the outer corner of your eye.  It is here where the eyebrows often disappear and it is important to lengthen the brow at this point as this is the most ageing attribute.

To find the arch of your eyebrow place the pencil from the corner of your mouth over the centre of the iris.  Above this is where the arch should be. 

I recommend that you have your eyebrows waxed and shaped professionally and consider having them tinted in a soft natural colour.

If tinting does not appeal to you I suggest filling in the brows with a taupe coloured pencil and using light feathered strokes to give a very natural look.

Keep the eye make-up soft and subtle and preferably in powder form as creams tend to crease.

Frame the eyes with mascara and even a cream eyeliner which will lift the eyes and open them up to look bright and lively.

To flatter your natural skin tone use a light sheer foundation, not a ‘line defying’ or ‘age defying’ one as these tend to be thick, feel heavy and enhance, rather than diminish lines and wrinkles.

Set the foundation with a light dusting of translucent powder, keep the blusher tone soft and natural looking, finish with a lovely light coloured creamy  lipstick and your face will look fresh and glowingly beautiful.

If make-up does not appeal to you the very least you must do for your skin is to protect it.  Always wear a moisturiser and one with a sunscreen.  My favourite is Ego’s Daily Face, it has a high SPF factor and is tinted so it is not necessary to wear a foundation.

Enjoy ‘facing’ the day.

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