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No Bake Nut + Honey Slice

Published : June 22, 2015

This slice is packed full of goodness! Super quick to make in a Thermomix.


500g nuts of choice - cashews, almonds, walnuts
1/4 cup dried fruit - apricots, figs, sultanas (hint: a mixed bag of dried fruit is a quick and easy option)
1 cup dates
1 tbs honey
1/4 cup coconut oil
zest and juice of one lemon


  • Put nuts in a Thermomix or blender and process until fine.
  • Remove ground nuts and set aside.
  • Add dates and dried fruit to TM or blender. Mix for a few seconds only until fruit is in smaller pieces - not chunks and not too fine. For TM, 2-3 secs on Turbo.
  • Add to fruit mixture in blender/TM the ground nuts, honey, coconut oil, lemon zest and rind.
  • Blend or TM Turbo until combined.
  • Press mixture into a slice tin/tray and set in fridge or freezer.

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