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Red Grapefruit Granola Cups

Published : June 28, 2015

This fibre-rich breakfast is perfect for increasing mental awareness and helping the mind to perform more efficiently in the morning. The nuts and seeds in the granola and muesli combine perfectly with the Red Grapefruit to give the body as much Vitamin A as possible, as well as great antioxidant power.

Serves: 2


2 Red Grapefruits, peeled and segmented
1 cup of granola or toasted muesli
1 cup of plain yoghurt


  • Spoon half the granola or muesli evenly into 2 large glasses.
  • Top with half the yogurt, then half the red grapefruit segments.
  • Repeat to create 2 layers of both ingredients.
  • Serve immediately.

About Red Grapefruits


  • Be sure to add Red Grapefruits to your supermarket trolley from the end of March right through to November!


  • Choose Red Grapefruit with bright, smooth and reasonably unblemished skin. Small blemishes do not affect the quality of the fruit
  • Red Grapefruit should be noticeably heavy for its size, as it is the juiciest of its kind. It should be springy to the touch - not soft or wilted.
  • All Pure Rewards Red Grapefruit are harvested at their peak when fully ripe and ready to eat. Red Grapefruit will not ripen any further once it has been removed from the tree.


  • Red Grapefruit keeps at room temperature for about a week. Remove them from their plastic bags and leave them on the counter so they are ready to eat.
  • To prolong the life of your Red Grapefruit, store them in the crisper compartment of your fridge.

Growing Regions

  • Red Grapefruits are grown predominantly in the North West region of Australia, which includes Carnarvon, Kununurra and the Ord River region in Western Australia and parts of the Northern Territory.

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