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What to wear where. “The Races”

Published : May 07, 2015

Many women find it tricky to know exactly what to wear to the races or a racing function. Hopefully our tips sourced from experts and our own personal experience will help.

So you're going to the races and don't have a clue of what to wear. You put clothes on from your wardrobe but nothing looks just quite right. The day is getting closer. You search online but get more confused than ever, and start to panic just a little. 

Well don't fret. Take heed of our suggestions and tips below, and you'll be heading off to the races feeling confident, appropriate and ready for a fun-filled day!
  • dress for your figure
  • choose fabrics wisely - natural are best
  • wear comfortable shoes with a thick, no or platform heel
  • keep shoulders and arms covered if you prefer
  • simple is best
  • keep accessories low key
  • check online to see if there is a theme or colour focus for the event
  • quality not quantity - no fakes
  • invest in a personal shopper - it really is a good idea for too many reasons to list here

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