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Book Review: Sweet, by Tracy Ryan

Published : June 09, 2017

Tracy is a Western Australian author with another of her works the popular 'Claustrophobia'.


Cody is an intelligent but alienated high school drop out who doesn’t know where she fits.  Kylie is a pretty young wife whose great, though intermittent, sex life with her husband is threatened by her burgeoning religious beliefs.  And Carol is the lady in pink velour who gets more and more distant from a family that doesn’t seem to care.  Into their lives comes the Reverend William King whose benign smile hides a controlling, paternalistic nature.  Stronger than a father figure, closer than a disappointing husband, the Reverend looms disturbingly large in each of their lives. 


Sweet documents aspects of our daily lives, the clash between faith and everyday existence, and the fine balance between our relationships with men and our relationships with ourselves.


Fremantle Press ($26.95)

Available from all good bookstores or online at www.fremantlepress.com.au.

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