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How to Glam up from Work to Party

Published : May 07, 2015

In five easy steps we show you how to transition from work to play whilst still looking glamorous.

by : Annemiek Munro

When the weather heats up and the party invitations begin to roll in, women all over the country are pondering the same question; "What will I wear?".  With most parties being held before the sun goes down this often means going straight from the office. 

But how does one go from corporate to canapés without carrying around two complete wardrobes?  

In 5 easy steps.

We've all been there; work finishes at five and the party starts at six.  There isn't enough time to go home and change, but you don't want to wear your work suit to cocktail hour.  How do you deal with this conundrum?  First you must breathe, it's going to be ok. 

Here in five easy steps we show you how to transition from work to play whilst still looking glamorous.

  1. Start Basic

    Think of your outfit like a house; without a sturdy foundation the house would have nothing to build on.  Without a sturdy foundation for your wardrobe, you can't possibly build gorgeous outfits. 

    A basic office suit has the ability to do amazing things, as long as the fit is perfect and quality is great.  

    Avoid suits with prints (the 80s passed for a reason) and stick to simple cuts and colours.  Black, brown and navy are colours that coordinate well with almost everything. 

    Simple things like swapping your collared shirt for a detailed cami instantly take your suit from day to night.  However be warned, there is such a thing as too much glitz.  Yes it is a party, but unless it is at a five star restaurant or a gala function, sequined tops paired with sequined clutches and intricately decorated heels will scream 'too much!'. 

    Don't be afraid of basic; nothing is more elegant than simplicity.

  2. Accessorise

    Changing jewellery can dress up an outfit remarkably.  Some chandelier earrings here, a pearl cuff there.  Ta-Da!  Instant glamour.  Scarves can also add instant glamour, think Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday.

    Don't forget your purse!  Handbags are essential; not only for their literal use, but also for adding a third dimension to your outfit.  A stunning clutch can make a great statement accessory if you aren't comfortable wearing big necklaces or earrings. 

  3. Makeup 

    Quite possibly the easiest (and quickest) way to go from day to night, makeup can transform you immensely.  Find out the colours of the party season, and maybe add a little shimmer.  Not only does the shimmer add a bit of extra 'va-va voom', but colours such as black, grey and even bronze that are darker than your regular workday shade, make you night ready in seconds. 

    An extra touch of blush is a necessity to complete the look.  Blusher/bronzer combinations are popular, as they add a subtle shimmer to your cheeks whilst making them look their night time best.  This wonderful invention also works as an all over bronzer to give your skin that extra sparkle.

    Nude lips seem to be the top pick of runway models across the globe, but if you feel you need extra colour on your 'kissables' you could always try a tinted lipgloss.  Lipglosses aren't as distinct as lipsticks, but they add a delicate colour and beautiful shine; perfect for a quick application on the run!

  4. Hair

    A simple way to change your look from work to party is by doing the opposite.  If you usually wear your hair up, take it down; and vice versa.  Of course if you want to do a little more than hair up/hair down there are many other ways to look glamorous at night.

    A simple ponytail, can become an elegant bun with the help of some bobby pins..  Or you can jazz up your usually ponytail by plaiting a small section of your hair and then wrapping it around the lacky.  For those who usually wear their hair down there is a huge array of gorgeous headbands and head pieces available that are both functional and beautiful.

  5. Relax 
Now that you're all prepared you can relax, knowing that you look glamorous and party ready! 

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