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Beauty Review: Milky Foot

Published : November 08, 2015

Do you have baby soft skin on your feet screaming to be let free? Milky Foot could be of help...

by Jane Willis


There are a variety of ways of getting rid of hard, dead skin on our feet - heels especially.  And if there's an easy option, I think we've discovered it!

Milky Foot needs you to commit to staying still for one hour. It's very easy to use - simply cut open the two pouches and slide in your freshly washed and dried feet like putting on slippers and wait an hour before rinsing them off in warm water and pat dry. 

That's it. 


So...does it work?

This Flourish reviewer, and her feet, are very pleased to be able to give you a definite "YES"!

After a couple of days my feet looked aged - wrinkled a bit like when you've been in the bath, but dry.

Then another couple of days later, the skin started to peel off in small sections.  The instructions suggest not to force the peeling and to soak the feet in warm water to assist.

This is my left foot below: 


The success of the treatment hit me when I was in a shower and thought I was stepping on soap in my instep, and when I checked saw that the whole underside of my left foot had a layer of skin with water in it, like a massive blister but without any pain at all.  Quite incredible, and almost reptilian.

Milky Foot's unique active ingredient ExMilac works by using enzymes that help break down the hardened protein in dry, scaly skin along with additional exfoliating agents.

After the fact I realised that I should have worn normal socks over the feet pouches but I don't think it made much difference to the results.  It would be advisable to do the Milky Foot at least a month in advance of a special event to make sure that your feet are totally dead skin free.

This product would be suitable for anyone wanting smoother feet. I've had a 75 year old man and a 22 year old girl both express amazement and wanting to find out more.  Milky Foot is not recommended for pregnant women, diabetics or children under three years (though I really couldn't imagine why a child would need the product).

Milky Foot is sold at pharmacies nationally at a RRP of $29.95 and can also be purchased online.

For stockists visit here or call 1300 790 978.

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