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The Perfect Brow

Published : June 05, 2015

Never underestimate the power of perfectly polished brows!
The eyebrows frame our most valuable assets, and when advisedly shaped can bolden the eyes, balance the face, and break age barriers.

The general outline of the eyebrow can be easily envisaged by using an eye-pencil by following these points:

  • Place the pencil on the bottom left corner of the nose, directing it straight up past the inner corner of the eye.  Mark the spot where the pencil rests as this is where the brow should begin, any hairs that reach past the pencil toward the right brow will be plucked later.
  • To locate where the arch of the brow should peak, place the pencil on the left side of the nose, directing it diagonally over the pupil. Mark the spot where the pencil strikes the brow, as this should be around the highest point of the arch.
  • Place the pencil diagonally from the left corner of the nose to the outer edge of the eye to find where the eyebrow should stop, then mark the spot.
  • Use the eye-pencil, and your markers to sketch an ideal eyebrow shape.  Make amendments by applying make-up remover to a cotton bud and emphasise the shape by applying white eyeliner or concealer to the patches of redundant hair.
  • Once you are happy with the drawn-on shape, use an eyebrow brush or toothbrush to direct the hairs upwards.
  • Irregularly long hair will now be easily identifiable, and with small scissors, can be slightly trimmed.  Trimming rather than plucking ensures fewer gaps in the brow.
  • Now brush hair downwards, notice and trim longer hairs until all hair is a uniform length.
  • Brush hair back into place an
  • d following your drawn-on outline, pluck hairs one by one from below the brow, and not from above; unless they are stray, unsightly hairs.
  • Use an eyebrow or toothbrush to soften the colour if the pigment looks unnatural or too intense.

    Now that you've achieved an enviable shape, assess the density and colour of your brows.

  • Starting from the peak of the arch and moving toward the outer edge, then back toward the beginning of the brow, use a thin liner brush to gently colour the eyebrow.
  • Plucking slowly will ensure no irredeemable mistakes and a magnifying mirror will also improve your odds at great results. A quality tweezer is a must. We like these.
  • If you notice inconsistent colour and hairless gaps, use a brow powder or powder eye shadow that resembles the colour of your brow as a filler.
  • If you prefer waxing or threading methods, ensure that you visit a trusted salon. 

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