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Flourishing Woman: Kerri Ann Garraway

Published : August 16, 2017

We had the pleasure of meeting with the delightful Kerri Ann Garraway, owner of the quickly flourishing health food business, Seed Sister, and her journey to success!

Words: Nicole Farsi


Meet Flourishing Woman Kerri Ann Garraway, founder of Seed Sister

Tell me about yourself.

I’m a single mum, I used to work in commercial property and when I first had my child I got really sick and had to completely change my diet to get better. That was when I realized the healing power of food. I then became extremely passionate about eating healthy food.


What is Seed Sister?

Seed Sister is a raw gluten free blend of seeds that are mostly organic with goji berries and cranberries. It is very high in protein, high in fibre and very low in sugar. It only contains natural sugars such as the fructose in the berries and whatever sugars are naturally in the seeds.


What is a typical work day for you?

A typical day for me is getting my child to school (fingers crossed on time), go back to my home office where I check my emails and bank account quickly (in the hope of incoming funds), do my invoicing for orders and previous days’ promotions. I then head off to my retailer’s stores where I do one or two promotions of Seed Sister with in-store tastings. I normally do any deliveries on the way home and I call into new prospective stores in the hope of growing my retailer base.

Where does the name 'Seed Sister' come from?

I tried a number of names with my trademark lawyer, which were not accepted for various reason. I then tried ‘Little Sister’ which to my disappointment was rejected. So I decided to try Seed Sister, which was approved! I think it is better anyway!


What made you start Seed Sister?

I used to sell another health food product with a company that could not offer me any job certainty. As I am very passionate about paying my mortgage I decided that I needed to take control of my financial future so I developed my own brand and products (which I hope to expand upon in the very near future!) My passion for healthy eating led me to this business decision and as I love sharing the health benefits of whole foods with as many people as I can, I thought this was the best fit for me!


What makes Seed Sister unique?

Seed Sister is unique as it is proudly West Australian owned and made. I have also sourced the best organic products that I could to provide affordable and highly nutritious food.


Is there anyone that has had a tremendous positive impact on you?

Not a person as such, but discovering the benefits of an alkaline diet was a massive and extremely healthy eye opener for me! So many ailments and discomforts can be overcome by changing what a person eats and following the principles of an alkaline diet.


How do you achieve a balance between work and life?

*laughs* I don’t really, but I couldn't have achieved anything without the support of my family who take care of my child while I am working and assist me in every aspect of my work and personal life. Having my own business does allow for flexible hours, so I can collect my daughter from school as often as possible. But I do also find myself catching up on bookkeeping late into the night. And I still make a big effort to make sure I squeeze in some yoga at least four times a week to keep me balanced and relaxed!

What motivates you?

The desire to succeed motivates me and I love knowing that people are enjoying my seed blends.


What barriers did you have to overcome to reach where you are today?

The first barrier was raising the capital to get my product made. I also collect and deal in antique rocking horses as a hobby. By chance, I sold three rocking horses in three weeks (which was heartbreaking) but by coincidence, it was the amount I needed to get everything underway. Working out the blend itself is still an ongoing challenge as I tweek every batch to improve its quality, taste and consistency.


Do you have a female inspiration?

I am inspired by all successful women, especially mothers. It’s a tough gig balancing everything!


What is a characteristic you think every business leader should possess?

I believe every business leader should possess determination, self belief and flexibility to succeed.


What advice would you give to women in business?

My advice to women in business is do something you love and are passionate about.


Where do you see Seed Sister in the next five years?

I see Seed Sister in the next five years as hopefully a household name.



Find out more about Kerri Ann Garraway and Seed Sister at: https://www.seedsister.com.au/

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