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Lifefactory Glass Cafe Mug

Published : March 23, 2017

Introducing the Lifefactory Glass Cafe Mug from VGM International.

Enjoy your piping hot coffee or relaxing cup of tea in a mug with a protective insulating foam sleeve. This will not only keep your chosen drink warm but it will prevent you from saying 'ouch!' when picking up this hot drink container.

The Lifefactory Glass Cafe Mug can hold 350ml of coffee or tea and is BPA/BPS free and phthlate free. It's unique design allows you to open and close the spillproof tab with one hand as you go about your daily routine. It's dishwasher safe and comes in a variety of colours such as Lava, Sage, Marine, Plum, Espresso, Teal, and Lapis.

You don't have to worry about the glass cracking from the heat of your drinks because it is made from borosilicate glass, which is not only durable but it can withstand temperature changes. 

The Lifefactory Glass Cafe Mug is available from Everten.com.au for the cost of $39.95. For more information on Lifefactory brands please visit the VGM international website.


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