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Nourish: Bounce Natural Energy Balls

Published : September 18, 2016

Chocolate and hazelnuts… Bounce that to me now

words: Serena Nathan


With over 20 per cent protein Bounce Natural Energy Balls are a great little pick me up when that 3:00pm slump hits. The clever people at Bounce have come up with the perfect pairing of deliciousness with their new Hazelnut Cacao Balls.

“It is always great to see a new flavour added to the much loved Bounce range. You can snack away knowing that the product is 100% natural and contains stacks of superfood ingredients,” says Bounce Australia’s nutritionist Teresa Boyce.

Cacao is natural alternative to chocolate, and hazelnuts are rich in essential fatty acids which help combat bad cholesterol. The balls are portion-controlled for a guilt-free snack; the sugar cravings are satisfied and the temptation to overindulge is nipped in the bud.

With flavours that kids love like cacao mint, apple cinnamon and peanut, they make a great after school treat for busy mums racing from school pickup to after school sport. Kids don’t need to know they’re ‘indulging’ in natural antioxidants, stamina-building magnesium and muscle-building protein – just that Mum’s got a treat for afternoon tea!

Best of all they are free from artificial colours, additives or preservatives and available at Woolworths at a RRP of $3.29.

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