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Yoghurt Snack Cups

Published : June 28, 2015

This recipe can also be used as a creamy accompaniment to cakes and pies in place of cream.

Preparation time:         15 mins
No. of serves:                6-8
Setting time:                4 hours


1 x 85g packet Aeroplane 25% Reduced Sugar Raspberry Jelly (uses Stevia)
600g natural yogurt


  • Mix together the jelly crystals with 1½ cups (375ml) boiling water and let cool to an egg white like consistency.
  • Fold through the yogurt and whisk until smooth.
  • Pour into individual serving cups and allow to set.

This yogurt mix can then be topped with fresh fruit, trail mix, nuts and seeds.

Recipe + image courtesy of Aeroplane Jelly, www.aeroplanejelly.com.au

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